Austrahose(WA) Mission Statement

  • CLIENTS: To provide our clients with a high level of quality in expertise, product, service and support in order to build lasting relationships.
  • SERVICES: To be the most responsive within Western Australia, offering a complete range of cost effective products in stock.
  • TECHNOLOGY: To proactively source and employ the latest technological advances worldwide in hose and fittings for the benefit of our clients.
  • PHILOSOPHY: To effect and maintain sincere relationships within professional criteria, that will achieve benefits for customers, suppliers and staff.
  • CONCERN FOR PUBLIC IMAGE:  To be a company that values and is proud of its reputation for honesty, integrity and fairness, whilst presenting a professional image.
  • CONCERN FOR EMPLOYEES: To provide a one-team environment, where employees are inspired to achieve both personal and professional goals and are rewarded through a sense of personal and material benefits, relative to the success of the company.